Top Reasons To Buy Gelato By The Pint For Your Restaurant

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Top Reasons To Buy Gelato By The Pint For Your Restaurant

14 October 2021
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If you're interested in adding delicious treats to your menu, then you might be thinking about buying bulk-size containers of gelato so that you will have plenty on hand to serve to your customers. The idea of buying the gelato by the pint might not have even crossed your mind, since you might assume that pint-sized containers are better suited for home use. However, you can buy gelato by the pint for your restaurant if you want to, and you may actually want to do this for these reasons and more.

You May Be Able to Purchase Higher-Quality Gelato

Even some of the cheaper gelatos that are out there are actually pretty tasty, but you might want to offer a higher-quality gelato for your customers. If this is the case, then you might find that you'll have better luck finding what you're looking for if you purchase it by the pint. After all, many artisan gelato makers and others who sell high-quality gelato choose to sell it in smaller containers rather than bulk sizes. This might just give you more options to choose from and might allow you to sell higher-quality products to your customers.

You Might Still Get Bulk Pricing

You might assume that you will not be able to get bulk pricing if you purchase gelato by the pint. This might be a major thing that you're worried about since you probably want to keep your costs down. Luckily, in many cases, you can purchase pints of gelato in bulk if you are willing to purchase a case of these pints at one time.

You Can Offer a Fresher Product

If you buy gelato in bulk containers, the dessert might not stay as fresh as it otherwise could. If you buy it by the pint, however, you can make sure that you always serve fresh product, which can help your customers enjoy the gelato even more.

Some Customers May Want to Purchase By the Pint

You might be planning on selling smaller servings of gelato to the customers who dine in at your restaurant. However, some of your customers might want to purchase bigger portions of your gelato, and some might want to purchase it so that they can take it home and enjoy it. If you purchase gelato by the pint, you may find that selling it by the pint will work out well. More of your customers might be interested in purchasing gelato by the pint than you think.

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