Are You Planning A Fall Festival For Your Neighborhood?

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Are You Planning A Fall Festival For Your Neighborhood?

27 September 2019
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Does your neighborhood welcome fall with a wonderful festival each year? If so, are you on the food committee? If that's the case, consider yourself a very lucky person. Compared to other tasks, planning the food items is a pretty easy task, isn't it?

Are you all good to go with your food ideas? Or maybe you are still looking for ideas that will make this year's food at the festival unique. If so, from finding a juice concentrate supplier to getting donations for food items, here are some ideas that might make this year's fall festival foods special.

Find A Juice Concentrate Supplier

Think of serving both hot and cold drinks that have never been offered at your fall festival in the past. For example, even though apple cider seems like a traditional choice, maybe you've never had it at your past festivals. The great thing about apple cider is that it can be served hot or cold, plus it can be mixed with other fruits to give it a different flavor.

Think of buying at least one heavy-duty blender. Even though they're not cheap, remember that you can use the blenders for other neighborhood events, too. Have different fruit concentrates in the form of purees ready to be mixed together. For example, apple puree for traditional cider would be one good fruit to order. However, think of other foods you can mix together to create original drinks.

Apple juice concentrate mixed with grape juice concentrate is one idea for a delicious drink. A combination of juice concentrates that include vegetable purees will create a nutritious and delicious drink that will also offer a unique taste.

Reach out to companies like The Tides Commodity Trading Group Inc for more information about obtaining juice concentrate.

​Getting Food Donations

If your food budget is somewhat limited, maybe you spent a great deal of it on the heavy-duty blenders and on the juice concentrates. Think of putting out the word that food donations would be greatly appreciated.

For example, your local grocery store might have already told you that they'll donate hot dogs, buns, and condiments to go with them. Ask people in your community to bring baked items that will be easy to serve. For example, homemade cookies, brownies, and donuts would be great accompaniments for the hot dogs and for the juices you make as part of the foods that will be offered to those who attend the fall festival.