Four Unique Spanish Meats To Order From Your Distributor

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Four Unique Spanish Meats To Order From Your Distributor

5 December 2017
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If you run a restaurant and like surprising your customers with unique, European dishes, then you need to look to your meat distributor. There are a lot of unique Spanish meats they probably carry, and you can use each one in special ways to really delight your guests' taste buds. Here are four Spanish meats to order next time.

1. Chorizo

Chorizo is perhaps the best-known of Spanish cured meats. It is different from Mexican chorizo in that it is made with paprika, white wine, garlic, and herbs. Mexican chorizo is typically made with chile peppers and vinegar. You can serve chorizo on its own, or you can use it to make Spanish dishes like paella. Another option is to slice it and use it in pasta dishes or serve it on top of fresh salads. It's delicious paired with spiral noodles and a freshly made garlic cream sauce.

2. Jamon

Jamon is a cured, Spanish ham that is similar to prosciutto. It is usually sliced very, very thin and eaten on its own with cheese, crackers, and wine. You can include it in some appetizer platters, or serve it on top of crostini with a little drizzle of Spanish olive oil and a sprinkle of black pepper. Jamon comes in various grades. Jamon serrano is less expensive, but or a lower quality, whereas jamon serrano is much better quality and comes with a higher price tag.

3. Salcichon

This is a Spanish sausage that will remind you of American summer sausage. It's made from pork, seasoned with spices like oregano and garlic, and smoked for a rich, bold flavor. Many versions are dotted with peppercorns, which give them significant spice. Serve salichion with sliced manchego cheese and grapes for a fun appetizer platter. It's also lovely chopped and scattered on top of flatbreads with olives, honey, and walnuts.

4. Morcilla

Morcilla is a Spanish blood sausage, usually seasoned with onions, pine nuts, and paprika. It's a very rugged sausage, and one you'll want to cook and serve alongside potatoes, veggies, and other hearty ingredients. The Spanish often use morcilla in stews.You could create your own version of Spanish cocina, or stew — or experiment with substituting morcilla for the meat in a stew you typically make.

If you order some or all of the Spanish meats above, you will love the new variety -- and so will your customers. You can even do a Spanish dish feature menu. To learn more, contact a ver mex meat distributor.